The Story of Sun Sang Village

Inspired by the ancient way of life, Sun Sang was keen to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, living sustainably for thousands of years off the land for which they cared. At Sun Sang, we combine the ancient way of living in a modern setting, keeping you comfortable while doing something for the greater good. Like any good story, Sun Sang has humble origins. From a vision of concrete housing fallen through to sustainable bamboo housing, Sun Sang’s story began in 2017 with the construction of the first bamboo house, built by Kak Wira and his friends. Sad to see such beautiful land go untended, Sun Sang was conceptualized over an area of 2 hectares, with a drive to revitalize the land and help the local community thrive.
Together, Wira, the landowner Ketut and the architect Chiko expanded the Sun Sang project to include everyone interested in investing in the beautiful land. This has promoted the idea of “co-ownership”, encouraging people to invest in Sun Sang properties and be a part of something greater. We pride ourselves on our name, inspire by the natural, gentle energy of the sun that lends us its energy and our desire to shine brightly. Sun Sang today has flourished into a wonderful village, and we’d love to share our village with you

The Story of Sun Sang Village

Here at Sun Sang, sustainability is our mission and our love for community and Indonesia’s rich
environment are at our core. We love to give once in a lifetime experiences to all our guests,
sharing the magic behind eco-hospitality and providing opportunities for our local communities.
At Sun Sang, we hope to achieve a space of collaboration, celebrating our knowledge and sharing
our skills with international and domestic guests alike.

Support local communities and improve informal education for sustainable development

Sun Sang has always been about giving back to the community and supporting locals by providing plenty of avenues for livelihood, providing food and seeing to any needs the local community might have. With the potential to incorporate new programs, to participate in existing programs at Sun Sang for free and inspiring and educating local youth, Sun Sang values input from locals and creates a safe, creative, collaborative space for all.

Sun Sang Inspirations

Sun Sang eco village has long been inspired by the roots of our past and our ancestor’s way of life. We’re enraptured by a vision of a landscape free from chemicals, plastic and clearance, ready to settle into the more traditional way of life. Sun Sang combines both the past and present as we look towards a sustainable future, living the ancestral way of life in the modern world. Come see what makes Sun Sang special today.

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