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Strong as steel in tension and stronger than concrete in compression, Sun Sang makes excellent use of bamboo in all it’s housing, ready to stand the test of time for 20-25 years. Sun Sang is actively working towards a better future for Indonesia and the environment by using bamboo, having oxygen producing qualities, is known to reduce soil corrosion, and is completely recyclable.

Education for Bamboo Accommodation

The Sun Sang educational program seeks to educate our guests on the process behind our bamboo accommodation. With so much to learn about sustainable accommodation, we welcome our guests who show interest in our bamboo materials that can stand the time of 25 years. Our bamboo building class is perfect to guests from all walks of life, encouraging our students to sketch designs, make models and if they’re lucky, see the final product of their hard work!

Camp Area

At Sun Sang, we’re lucky to have a campsite of our very own with the capacity to hold between 100-200 people! Enjoy the feel of the grass beneath your palms as you relax on one of our bean bags and feel the warmth of the fire on your skin. Maybe you’d like to combine your night out by the campfire with our BBQ or bonfire night experiences? For just 50.000 rupiah each, you can enjoy a tasty BBQ complete with a portable stove, a BBQ, plates and gas. For our bonfire night experience, we include a wooden fire, bean bags and an unforgettable night out under the stars. Go back to your roots and settle down beside us at the campfire tonight.

Community Programs

Here at Sun Sang, we are all about the community and what the people have to offer. With a wide range of talents in sustainable eco construction, farming and caring for the land, Sun Sang is able to work towards a better future, encouraging tourists to do their part to help the Indonesian environment. At Sun Sang, we have a wide range of community programs, ranging from plastic river cleaning to our own sustainable and free-range farm. Including chicken, geese and stingless bees, Sun Sang collaborates with local farmers to both give back to the community and make a cleaner, greener future for all.

Sun Sang Learning Centre

Sun Sang Learning Centre provides indoor and outdoor spaces to foster a blended learning environment in non-formal education. With the bamboo capsules and a cosy cabin next door, students can appreciate the beauty of Sun Sang in this multifunctional venue, inspiring learning in our guests. We always encourage new ideas and would love to see your impact make its mark on Sun Sang.

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Ask availability of the activity at Sun Sang Village to our customer service. We are glad response to your questions.

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